Formentera – Off the Beaten Track

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If you have not had the pleasure of seeing the 2001 indie sleeper hit Sex & Lucia, you best remedy that before you head to Formentera. That way you can tool around Ibiza’s exquisite sister island pretending to be Paz Vega caught up in a wave of love and longing with the sultry Daniel Freire. The film captures Formentera in all its bright, sun-streaked beauty – a meditation not only on the convoluted love lives of the characters but also an homage to this indescribable island. In honour of the sexy, moody, romanticism of the film here are five ways to see Formentera like Lucia.

1. Hire a Citroën Méhari

Lucia got around on a vintage moped but that’s no good if there are a few of you! The next coolest thing is to get a vintage French beach buggy type car. Throw your towels and a picnic in the back, et voilà!

2. Sunset at a lighthouse

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is Paz Vega as Lucia riding hell for leather down the long straight road towards the Cap de Barberia lighthouse. You could easily recreate this scene in your Méhari or buggy stocked with pre-made cocktails just in time for sunset, here or at the equally impressive Faro de Mola, which faces west and gets the best sunset views.

3. Party like its… 1968?

Nightlife in Formentera is a far subtler affair than in Ibiza. A lack of huge super clubs is refreshing but that doesn’t mean you can’t get down and get funky. The famous Flower Power party has regular gigs throughout the summer and techno fave Cocoon hosts weekly high summer gatherings at Tipic every Thursday nights.

4. Lucky for you

Bypass the chichi crowds and the usual suspects descending from their super yachts and get a bit of down home Formentera style into you at Lucky’s. Sitting in the soft sands of Migjorn beach it’s one part beach bum and three parts love shack.

5. Mercadillo San Francesc

The charming side streets and passageways of this picturesque village are home to any number of stalls selling artisanal products from the island. Pick up a memento or gift and then stop for a cortado and do some people watching.



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