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Natasha Collis is amongst the jewellery designers who count in today’s industry. Her unique handmade collection is based on her signature ‘nuggets’ formed from 18 carat gold. Her creations centre around consciously sourced gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds to create ‘colour stories’.

Here, Ibiza’s number one fine jewellery designer talks to us about her timeless Ibiza.



I came to Ibiza on holiday, a close friend from art school invited me to stay with her in her family home. I had no idea at the time that this would eventually be my home but I was ready to leave London, I was ready to have something different in my life. It wasn’t until two and a half years later that I actually moved here and two years after that, that I eventually opened my studio here after falling in love with San Miguel.

I feel very strong here, Ibiza has this incredible ability to make women feel independent and that you can do anything. Ibiza gives me the space to create that London couldn’t give me and I’ve never once struggled with my creativity here. It’s such a good balance; winter gives me the opportunity and time to open up and invent. Whilst summer is when my clients come here and visit the shop.


I was very lucky when I arrived here, I got to experience the whole island from north to south on horseback so I experienced the incredible beauty of Ibiza that I don’t think many people get to see. I suppose that was the moment when I felt ‘yeah, I really want to be here’.


I love San Miguel as it’s not typical Ibiza. As you climb the hill to the little church you can’t help but feel there’s just something so special about this area. Even more so in the summer, our regular clients that come back to the studio year after year, we sit outside the bar here with until sundown. It’s timeless, you can’t get that anywhere else. It’s old Ibiza yet new Ibiza as it never changes. We have the third generations now running the family businesses, so I’m lucky to be around some extremely talented artisans. I’m excited to still be here, it’s my special place.


My ideal day in Ibiza would start with a nice long hack. Either take my horse and ride up to La Paloma or Can Sulayetas out near San Mateo. I’m attracted to these little secret bars that all the locals go to, it’s a sense of community. In the spring just before the tourists arrive,  I like to take the horse and head south to Cap des Falco then ride that whole loop round to Salinas beach – now that is amazing! We then may stop in Bar Costa in the square of Santa Gertrudis and watch the world go by.


Although it has evolved quite a lot, I really do still love Benirras. I first visited when it just had the small chiringuito on the beach that sold bocadillos. My favourite time is early morning or it’s just as lovely later in the evening as the sun goes down.


It’s never got to that point that I’ve ever wanted to be anywhere else. I feel empowered here; from raising my child to building a business I feel the island has really supported me and been there for me. It’s reflected in my work, I love Ibiza



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